Chris Bradley

Chris Bradley LLB (Victoria University NZ) New Zealander

28 Years of international banking experience with focus in cross border frontier markets.

London 1991 to 2002.

  • 9 years with UBS [Warburg] London and the remainder at Standard Bank London.

  • While at UBS roles spanned the Debt Work Out Group, followed by the Structured Debt Group and later Head of UK Credit Analysis Trading and Sales.

  • Final position at UBS was Senior Originator Cross Border Structured Products Group and Structured Commodity Solutions (Africa, FSU and Latin America). This Group specialized in debt solutions in frontier markets often embedding commodity & fx risk management structures into the debt solution.

  • Investor Debt & Commodity Off-take Originator Sierra Leone, Ghana, Angola & Nigeria

Asia HK/Singapore 2003-2006 & Sydney 2006-Present  

  • Originations Non Presence Countries= working on both Origination and Deal Team execution.

  • In Mongolia alone originated and arranged (in team) over US$2.0bio of debt transactions = many repeat refinances = building strong client relationships and via this Standard Bank was the only International Bank to achieve a "franchise presence" in Mongolia

  • Colombia cross border finance for renewable energy / run of river hydro & Structured Commodity Finance

  • Myanmar Commodity Offtake and oil product importation /product swaps

  • Sub-Sahara Africa Run of River Hydro Off Grid Power Gen


  • Strong Credit Assessment skills of country, client & project. Work out solution provider.

  • Risk Policy rules of engagement

  • Proven in multiple theatres of operation as "Frontier" Country Originator = from "non-presence" / green field to country limit establishment to international book/deep portfolio "franchise" level;

  • While at UBS, Advising Team / Debt Arranger Angola. Indigenous oil production & oil field "Trust Pools" (1996-2003);

  • "First Mover" in  Frontier Markets on related bank commodity risk management and jumbo syndicated debt finance commodity backed facilities (to rival capital market bond issuance);

  • Advisor /Debt Arranger in Ghana on oil and power finance (1996-2002);

  • First Oil Refinery Bank PF with production hedging in Ghana (1996-2002);

  • With Standard Bank Moscow Team, First Reserved Based Oil Facility above the Russian Arctic Circle (2001);

  • 2006 First International Finance deal in Mongolian private sector

  • 2009 First Project Finance commodity resource deal in Mongolian private sector

  • Standard Bank only International bank to establish a core funding relationship "Across Products" with the key champion conglomerate names in Mongolia;

  • Milk Power contract Westland Dairy into Central Asia

  • Colombia Resources sector and Country Risk assessment.

  • Equipment supply & commodity offtake Myanmar