• Review, Identify, Execute

  • Target potential Investment opportunities

  • Target Export Markets and supporting finance for Groups into Frontier and Developing Regions

  • Introduction of investors to Countries & Projects and Local Groups to investors

  • Source Capital for Groups in Frontier and Developing Regions

  • Break out solutions from saturated home markets or local groups with limited local capital alternatives for growth

  • Decouple financial recourse to Holding Group level or from Projects

  • Fire wall areas of significant market growth potential but country risk concentration.

  • Release, Repatriate & Leverage capital from frontier regional and country assets

  • Package financial solutions for clients
    [eg off shore tender bids or local group financing or special projects]

Value Add:

  • Non / Limited Recourse Financing Solutions;

  • Country Risk Assessment & Entry;

  • Review Existing performing operations, Acquisitions, Project development, Book & Strategy and if required, Introduction of Country risk management techniques;

  • Work Out of existing non performing or mis-performing projects;

  • Increase bidding impact advantage via finance package solutions;

  • Finance & Risk “Health Check” = An outside set of eyes from a Group that enjoys 3 decades of International Structured Banking and Trade & Commodity Finance operation in Emerging & Frontier Markets.

  • Introduction to the major International Investor Funds, Banks & Supranational Policy Banks

  • Review of finance structures used or proposed over offshore assets and businesses including their supply chains, storage and receivables management for possible streamline and risk management with eye for capital release and off balance sheet alternatives

  • Review and selection from all available International Bank and Policy Bank products for the intended targeted business & stratagem in the relevant frontier country / region